Strictly speaking, the Salzkammergut begins first here in Ebensee, because in contrast to tourist notions of today, the region is historically designated from Ebensee to Hallstatt. The town was deemed private property of the Hapsburgs and was completely wedded to the salt industry. The"oldest pipeline in the world," the Soleleitung (brine pipeline), still leads to Ebensee.

Today, there is, of course, no trace of the steam that once rose from the giant brewing copper. Instead, the Feuerkogel (a mountain), the Rindbachwasserfälle (waterfalls) or the Gaßl Tropfsteinhöhle (a limestone, or dripstone cave) are all favorite excursion destinations.

Although Gmunden and Ebensee may nowadays lie 20 minutes apart when driving by car, for centuries entire worlds lay between them. It wasn't until 1861 that a street was built. Before that, one had to travel over the lake. Besides, for a long time there were very strict policies regulating travel within, into and out of the Salzkammergut. Ebensee was thus cut off from the "world," and so in many respects it went its own way. One can still see that today in its vibrant traditions whose details are original. Bird catching, Gloecklerkappen, Landschaftskrippen (Landscape nativity sets), the Fetzenzug on Faschingmontag (Shrove Monday) and, last but not least, the many little anecdotes make the people and their stories


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