Am Attersee

If you come by the Großalmstraße (street), past Hochlecken, the Attersee stretches like a giant malachite gemstone before you. Its turquoise color is sometimes reminiscent of the Caribbean.

Because of its water temperatures and wind conditions, the largest lake in the Salzkammergut bids one to linger. Many celebrities gathered here in the summer, far from the city, to refuel their creative energies.

Gustav Mahler lived in Steinbach and had a small house built for him there with a view of the lake for the sake of composing. It was just big enough to house his piano.

The painter Gustav Klimt, on the other hand, was an enthusiastic sailor and also one of the first on the Attersee to possess a motorboat. The marks that the Attersee left on him now demand the highest prices on the art market. The paintings of Schloss Kammer, his famous "The Kiss", and several more were inspired by the landscape, the charm of beech forests, colorful cottage gardens and still ponds.

At present, the Attergauer Culture Summer belongs to the top-class highlights of summer culture festivals. 

© Brigitte Leithner
© Brigitte Leithner

Ihre Fremdenführer am Attersee